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How it Works

We tailor our algorithms for each of our customers, in order to reach the most relevant and engaged followers.

Share a few details about the type of audience you want and let us get you the exposure and engagement with real organic followers. No software downloads, no complicated settings, and no headaches.

SimpleClimb does not deal with fake accounts. We never spam and always stay within Instagram's suggested limits to ensure optimal growth and service for our clients. Your success is our success.

You focus on creating amazing content, we'll focus on your growth.


Our system software connects with your account, your search terms, hashtags and existing follower base get analyzed and then we automate activity to increase engagement with your target audience.

It takes 7 days to optimize properly, we increase activity gradually to ensure we stick within the Instagram Guidelines.

No. It’s simple: Our growth process interacts with real people who have been identified by Simple Climb as real potential followers and customers for you.  The followers and influencers we bring to your account are 100% real. You’ve probably run into some of the more dubious marketplaces online that offer paid followers.  We warn against taking shortcuts like this as it can damage your brand’s reputation, and fall afoul of Instagram’s terms of service.

Your login credentials (username and password) are required to establish a connection to Instagram.  We will never login to your account via the Instagram App.

Yes! Most of our business is with long term accounts, and all our customers can testify to the safety and security of our services. All information we receive is kept confidential and secure. We’ll watch over your account as if our reputation was riding on it, because it does.

Provide us with hashtags and accounts you’d like us to target (if you have some in mind!), make sure you accept Instagrams validation when it pops up on your phone, let us know if you change your username or password. Sit back & relax!

Yes, we will need your credentials in order to connect with your IG account, and begin the follower optimization process.

We take your security very seriously: as part of our signup, you would enter your IG credentials into a secure form.  All information we receive is kept confidential and secure.

All accounts we have managed and will manage are up and running strong with no issues.

Since we’ll be logging into your account from a different location or IP address, you may receive a security notification from Instagram. Please take a minute to review the Security Verification steps so you know what to expect

Yes absolutely. If you decide to follow IG accounts on your own, just let us know, so we can make sure to whitelist them. This means we won’t accidentally unfollow them.

Let us know as well if there are IG accounts that you would like to prevent us from following (this is called blacklisting).

Cancelling is always easy. Your first 14 days are free, let us know at any point before the last day of your trial, and you won’t be billed.

Cancelling after your normal billing has started (after your free trial period) is also simple. Just let us know a couple of days prior to billing gets processed and you won’t be billed.

Our Terms of Service has all the details.

All billing transactions happen via secure Stripe payments which uses the highest security safeguards. Your credit card information is never saved or stored on any of our systems, so they can never be accessed inappropriately.


Trusted by 1,000+ clients worldwide


4.56 / 5 based on 184 reviews

  • I’ve gotten more and more engagement with each month I’ve been with Simpleclimb. I like how this doesn’t interfere with what I’m doing on Instagram myself. It’s already tripled my follower base, I’m totally satisfied with the service.


  • So happy I chose Simpleclimb! From the start you guys were very helpful. Its only been a short time, but I’m seeing results, and it’s people engaging with me who are interested in what I’m doing!


  • Started using Insta like anyone else I guess, but you guys took my presence to a new level! I’m here since your early days, and I’m sticking around – Simpleclimb rocks.


  • I’ve been with Simpleclimb for two weeks and I’m already over a hundred followers! Being that I don’t have time to work on my account growth myself, this service is certainly worth the investment, and is truly priceless. Seriously tho, I’m very grateful to you guys – have learned a lot in a short time.


  • What can I say – service is exactly as advertised. I travel for a living, and instagram became the way I share my life. Simpleclimb kept me growing when I wasn’t active sometimes, and was even more effective when I was engaged!


  • I was impressed from the start, at the service your company provided. The account associate I was emailing was very friendly and informative.  I had an issue with confirming my account in the beginning, so the free trial didn’t work for the first two days. However, my fault. At sign up the price seemed a bit steep, but after the trial was done, I saw that the service was working as promised, increasing my profile traffic. I decided to go for a full month at that point – and I can say now it was totally worth it. I would definitely recommend this software to my friends looking to build their Instagram following in a short period of time. Very impressed.


  • I wasn’t expecting such fast growth of organic followers. Trying to build my business I don’t have time to focus on promoting my Insta page. SimpleClimb has taken all that stress away from me. And being on the Grow Pro service took the engagement to another level, thanks loads.

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